We work hard to ensure your message reaches the right people and creates greater visibility of your company and your key messages.

To do it properly, PR can be pretty time consuming. Zebra Colour are experienced practitioners and can make sure even the most boring jobs can be turned into interesting stories, whether it be a new piece of kit you have purchased, you’ve expanded your office or recruited new staff. We also like to write about the more fun things like “Huge profits made’, “Awards won”, etc. Just throw it at us and we’ll produce something you’ll be proud to have published.

Now….who do you send it to? We have a huge amount of contacts in a variety of industry sectors, but more importantly we have excellent relationships with many journalists and editors and are regularly contacted by them on behalf of our clients to ask for our views on a story they are running – a fantastic opportunity for some free PR and you’ll be portrayed as an expert in your sector!

All trade magazines run features; we trawl through their features lists and identify stories that we believe we can contribute to, contact the editors to clarify exactly what they’re looking for and produce a relevant article. It’s great to raise your profile and increases your credibility in your market sector by being featured in some of the larger reviews and features publications run.

Oh, and of course, we collate all the published articles, whether they be online or in printed press, tweet them, include them on your website and use them in any marketing material produced.

After my initial meeting with Meena from Zebra Colour I will definitely be using her for the future marketing of my business. She gave me some fantastic ideas to get me started and was extremely easy to talk to!

Donna Brown

Owner, Chorley Florist

Building relationships and convincing people that they are dealing with an honest and professional team that will deliver what they commit to is sometimes hard to achieve. With the help of Zebra Colour I have many new customers who believe in my company and the services it delivers.

Keith Pratt

Managing Director, Atlantic Print Solutions

Zebra Colour provide a complete service offering innovative ideas and effective solutions to businesses, whether it be in client relations, website development or media awareness. MJH Accountants recommend the services of Zebra Colour to any business who is looking to provide the best possible service to their existing clients and to expand their client base. Zebra Colour can help!

Andrea Moore

Practice Manager. MJH Accountants, Preston

It is quite astounding, Zebra Colour really can turn their hand to a variety of marketing functions, from providing PR support to helping build relationships with new customers, they really have helped my business grow

Nick Little

Sales Director, Trimwel, Ireland

We’ve definitely seen a big increase in the media coverage MJH receives since we started working with Zebra Colour, and I believe this is having a very positive impact on the number of potential clients we are speaking to

Mark Hall

Director. MJH Accountants, Preston

Zebra Colour is far more remarkable than you’d imagine after meeting Gareth – is there someone else involved? Seriously, I’ve already received orders and enquiries, and more importantly, recognition that I know has come about following the PR and email marketing that Zebra Colour has done

Chris Naylor

Director. Marketing Incentives, Leyland

Meena and Gareth are a pleasure to work with; laid back but very efficient at the same time. They were fundamentally involved in our total rebrand and relaunch, including the content for our new website. On top of this, we now have a marketing strategy covering the next 12 months and I’m certain that, with their support, we will continue to develop and achieve our goals.” Diane Ogden, Director. The Therapy Company, St Annes & Preston

Diane Ogden

Director. The Therapy Company, St Annes & Preston