Newsletters are a great communication tool…. if used correctly. If you do it badly, not only will the delete button be hit as soon as it arrives in anyone’s inbox, but you are likely to irritate and lose customers and potential customers. Blindly sending poorly produced messages to people who you think might be interested in your product or service is completely pointless.

Zebra Colour are experts in this field and will make sure that the 5 seconds you have to make an impact are utilised to their full potential. We think carefully about what makes your customers tick and what they want to hear. We craft your message wisely, with both words and pictures that make people stop and read it, but most importantly act on it!

Who are you sending it to? Sorry, there are no prizes for the largest database and no, we aren’t interested in how many people you think you may know. We’re after quality contacts, ie. the people who will become customers/clients. We honestly don’t see the point of writing to people who will never buy from you or recommend you to others, you’re just likely to annoy them.

Once you’ve sent it, that’s it isn’t it? No, absolutely not! We carry out a detailed analysis of the responses and develop follow-up campaigns accordingly. Don’t just look at who opened it and the click throughs. Consider what time of day is best, which day of the week and the regularity of your message to create the biggest impact and gain more customers.

Zebra Colour provide a complete service offering innovative ideas and effective solutions to businesses, whether it be in client relations, website development or media awareness. MJH Accountants recommend the services of Zebra Colour to any business who is looking to provide the best possible service to their existing clients and to expand their client base. Zebra Colour can help!

Andrea Moore

Practice Manager. MJH Accountants, Preston

After my initial meeting with Meena from Zebra Colour I will definitely be using her for the future marketing of my business. She gave me some fantastic ideas to get me started and was extremely easy to talk to!

Donna Brown

Owner, Chorley Florist

We’ve definitely seen a big increase in the media coverage MJH receives since we started working with Zebra Colour, and I believe this is having a very positive impact on the number of potential clients we are speaking to

Mark Hall

Director. MJH Accountants, Preston

It is quite astounding, Zebra Colour really can turn their hand to a variety of marketing functions, from providing PR support to helping build relationships with new customers, they really have helped my business grow

Nick Little

Sales Director, Trimwel, Ireland

Meena and Gareth are a pleasure to work with; laid back but very efficient at the same time. They were fundamentally involved in our total rebrand and relaunch, including the content for our new website. On top of this, we now have a marketing strategy covering the next 12 months and I’m certain that, with their support, we will continue to develop and achieve our goals.” Diane Ogden, Director. The Therapy Company, St Annes & Preston

Diane Ogden

Director. The Therapy Company, St Annes & Preston

Zebra Colour is far more remarkable than you’d imagine after meeting Gareth – is there someone else involved? Seriously, I’ve already received orders and enquiries, and more importantly, recognition that I know has come about following the PR and email marketing that Zebra Colour has done

Chris Naylor

Director. Marketing Incentives, Leyland

Building relationships and convincing people that they are dealing with an honest and professional team that will deliver what they commit to is sometimes hard to achieve. With the help of Zebra Colour I have many new customers who believe in my company and the services it delivers.

Keith Pratt

Managing Director, Atlantic Print Solutions