ICT Direct is a provider of ICT Solutions to schools and colleges throughout the UK. They purchase nearly-new business PCs, test and verify them for functionality then refurbish and sell them on to schools. They have cut ICT budgets for many schools by more than 50% by providing them with cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Though ICT Direct had been doing this for a few years and working successfully with several schools across the country, they wanted to build their profile with the ICT Managers and Head Teachers who are responsible for the purchases in many cases and demonstrate they are a reputable and service driven company, not just a dodgy fly-by-night IT company.

Zebra Colour quickly identified that many schools have had their budgets reduced and therefore need to be very savvy with their spending, but also schools need to deal with someone they can trust to provide a reliable solution. So, Zebra Colour devised a plan that involved attending various IT/educational exhibitions, where ICT Direct could demonstrate the solution they can provide to schools, showing schools the actual kit they would supply. Zebra Colour also ensure every PR opportunity is maximised and that plenty of press packs are produced for the show, and there are simple methods for data capture at each event.

Zebra Colour design and produce newsletters for ICT Direct every 2-3 weeks providing updates on shows, new products, ICT solutions, etc. Case studies and testimonials are also gathered from schools where ICT Direct has delivered an ICT Suite, which are then utilised to show other schools what can be done for them.

Working with schools in the local area for regional shows has worked tremendously well. For a head teacher or ICT Manager to be able to speak to or go to see another school in their area which has been kitted out by ICT Direct has worked wonders.

Building the profile of ICT Direct as not only an IT solutions provider, but also someone that understands the issues and needs of a school has been demonstrated very well through the case studies – see www.ict-direct.co.uk for more details.

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